May 22, 2010


New song, started on Wednesday, continued on Friday, and finished today (Saturday).  This is one of my favorites.  Having problems with my music player, but you can listen to the song here.

©2010 Jesse Acosta

We haven't said "I love you" anymore
We've gone our separate ways and I'm alone
And you and me
We're not the same that we once used to be
My faithful girl

She said boy
There's nothing you can give me anymore
The last time on the street I said it all
And me and you
We're not the same and now I think we're through
My only boy

Please girl
So many things I know I've done so wrong
But loving you has never been enough
And me and she
Please know we've only kissed a time or three
I'm sorry girl

You're leaving and you haven't said good bye
I wish you all the best in your new life
And you and he
I hope that you are really meant to be
His only girl


Anonymous said...

its a good song:) keep them coming

Anonymous said...

Probably your best yet. I feel the emotion in your vocals and the lyrics of course. Hope everthing is going well my friend. -Mark Cuban

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