Apr 18, 2010

It's Been Some Time

Well, it's been some time since I've written on here.  I've been doing music and photography--seems like more photography than music.  What's going on with me?  I'm not sure.  This year has not been particularly good to me.  I wonder it this is just one of those times when things are out of wack or it's just life happening.  All in all, I feel oppressed, constrained by something.  Things I never thought about, all of the sudden are surfacing and getting my attention.  I really hope this is just temporary.

Photography is going well, one of my New Year's resolution was to concentrate more on photography, and I've been able to do that to a certain point.  I still want to dive deeper into the world of photography.  On the other hand, music has been slow, there are things I want to say through my music, but nothing's flowing right now.  However, for a period of 3 months, I wrote some good songs that I'm very proud of (you can hear them on this website).  I still struggle with my voice, but I think it's gotten better since the first song I recorded. 

What else is going on?  Oh yeah, I'm trying to lose some weight.  I started last week, but my goal is to be done by August 1st.  We shall see.

That's it for now.  Send me a note, I'd like to hear from you. Use the contact link above on this page.


Apr 14, 2010

Asian or Caesar

Check the story behind this picture by visiting my Flickr page (click on the photo to go there).

Apr 6, 2010

Matthew 28:1-10