Jan 12, 2010

Here We Are

Well, this is my first song written in 2010 and it's a happy one--for a change.  The words are below, and the message is pretty self-explanatory. As you all know, all my songs are written from personal experiences and this song was inspired by a falling out I had with a friend.  I hope that one day we can get back together to being friends.

Here We Are
©2010 Jesse Acosta

Here we are two
Broken souls
The time is now to
Break some ground

We have grown apart
This is my fault
In my darkest times
I see your smile

There is still time to
Break these heavy fences
Break them down and
You will see that we are

Meant to be good friends
Don't shut it down
Meant to be good friends
This time around

In my time of need
You were there 
To listen my friend

This song is outside my comfort zone, it's a pop song which I in particular don't like, but I've always wanted to do something upbeat and radio-friendly.  Don't expect future songs to be like this one :)


P.S You can hear the song at Jesseacosta.com on my music player or on my Facebook Fan page.   


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