Dec 12, 2009

The End Is Near

I wrote most of this song about two years ago.  I've always had dreams of the end of the world, I'd be walking on the street and all of the sudden the sky would turn dark and everybody would have a scared look on their faces.  In some dreams, there are ships or UFOs flying by as everybody tries to find refuge.  Sometimes my dreams are about the rapture.  I wanted to write a song about that, and although the lyrics are few on this song, the music will hopefully give you the sense of the end of the world.  However, the end of world can be a metaphor so I'll leave this song to your interpretation. 

The song itself went though some changes.  From the first time I wrote it, I've recorded different versions, but this version is the one I'm most happy with.  You can hear the song by selecting it on my music player on   

The End Is Near
words and music by Jesse Acosta

Hold my hand and don't look back
The machines have flown away
This is not what I had planned
I thought I had it right

It's too late, here comes the cold
I'm sorry for your loss
Was that you or was that I
That said "there is no God"

Hope you like it.



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