Aug 26, 2009


Every day I open my iGoogle and I see San Antonio's 5 day forecast. Usually on Monday and Tuesday it lists Friday or Saturday with a high of 95 degrees, but when it actually gets to those days, it's always 100 or more. I can't wait for the cooler weather to arrive. That's when I'm at my best; when it's cold and, do to the daylight savings time, dark by 6:30 PM.

Last November I posted a post on Ruta Maya, an excellent coffee shop in downtown San Antonio that I visited every week for about 6 weeks. Soon after I wrote that post, the place closed down. They used to be the perfect afternoons; hot coffee, excellent food, nice environment, good conversations, and cold--maybe not cold but cooler weather. I need to find another place like that.

The memories, the memories: they're always with me.

Un abrazo.



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