Aug 18, 2009

One Week

Do to the nature of my full time job, I pay too much attention to details.  However, when my creative side wants to do something, there's a constant struggle between my left and right sides of my brain.  The right side wants to create, while the left wants to question everything.  Why am I saying all this?  Well, because I want to be able to write more posts on this blog, I want to write more music, and be more creative in all aspects of my life.  It seems like my left side has a hold on me for now. 

I don't know why I wrote this, I guess I want to start by writing little blurbs of information here so that eventually my left side will give up questioning everything and I can start being more creative. 

On a side note, since I re-bought my copy of OK Computer on Sunday, I've been listening to it in my car, especially at night.  It's amazing what music does to me.

Good night.

P.S.  I originally wanted this post to be longer, but my left side of the brain is working overtime tonight.  


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