Aug 9, 2009

For Those Who Care

For those who care to know about me, I haven't been recording much music.  I haven't been taking many pictures.  I haven't been writing any stories.   I haven't been reading any books.  I haven't been dreaming like I used to.  I haven't been myself.   The only thing I have been doing is not doing anything at all.  This is not a cry for attention, but rather a way for me to deal with reality. It only took one wrong move to bring this wall I call my life down to the ground.  Now is time to gather the unbroken pieces, and try to rebuild my life again. 

The End is Near
Words by Jesse Acosta

Hold my hand and don't look back
The machines have flown away
This is not what I had planned
I thought I had it right

It's too late here comes the cold
I'm sorry for your loss
Was that you or was that I
That said "There is no God"?

May all your dreams come true,



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