Aug 31, 2008

Morning Habit

I shot this movie based on my friend's idea.  Many times we do stuff we don't like to be doing, but somehow they become a habit on us.  That was the idea for this mini-movie. Enjoy.

Aug 28, 2008

Dexy's Midnight Runners

I was reading my own blog earlier today, and I found a blog posting from one of my favorite feeds.  The name of the blog is Monitor Mix.  She posted some videos of bands from the 80's and this was one of them.

Why can't people create good songs like this one anymore?

Aug 27, 2008

Random Thought #1

There's no such thing as "Working Under Pressure." All that means is: How do you work when other people (or even you) are not doing their job?


Aug 26, 2008

Moments of Frequent Modulation

The good news:  Someone from Hawaii is selling on eBay a CD I produced back in 2004 . That means that somehow, my CD made it all the way over there.

The bad news:  It's only $1.99 plus shipping. :(

The first person who buys it gets a surprise from me.  Here's what to do:

Take a photo with it, send me a message by clicking on the Contact button above, I will give you an email address where you can email your photo and then I'll post your picture on this web-site.  On top of that, I will send you an autographed copy of my first production called "Surprise" by the band formely known as PG-13.

Why am I doing this?  Because I really want you to listen to that CD.

The race is on!!

P.S.  I'm willing to ship internationally!

Aug 24, 2008

Broken English Podcasts Added

Hi, I've posted my old podcasts by popular demand.  Enjoy them!


Aug 18, 2008

My New Toy

Epiphone Thunderbird



Aug 14, 2008

Weird Fishes/Arpeggi

RThis video was one of the winners of the Radiohead animation contest.  I can't wait to see the full version.  Congratulations to Radiohead for choosing a great video and for recording one of the best songs ever.

View From My Room

Aug 5, 2008

Sweet Bread Crisis

Recently I had the opportunity to visit Nueva Rosita --my home town in Mexico. I had an unusual experience. On the day I arrived, I went to visit my grandfather. My grandfather is 92 years-old. I can almost say that he is in better shape that I am. I’m not sure what is the reason of his longevity but it could be his genes – his grandfather was 105 years-old when he passed away. One of the reasons why he is 92 years young could be, that my grandfather used to take long walks on a daily basis. He has kept his health in much better shape than his grandfather, so he could very well go past 105.

My grandfather is quite the character. He always has a story to tell. Like when he told me about the time he got put in jail for 5 days in the U.S. because he didn’t speak English; in the end it was all a misunderstanding. Or the time when he told me he used to skip school by asking his teacher permission to go to the restroom. He said he would jump the fence and run to his house. His mother would ask him “You skipped school again, uh?” but she didn’t do anything else. A good student he was not, but he was a hard worker.

After we said our hellos we talked about family, work and amongst other things, his recent trip to the sweet bread shop. In Mexico is very common to buy sweet bread for your afternoon merienda or afternoon snack. A family usually gathers around the table to enjoy the afternoon and to reminisce on the events of the day, this is done best with a hot beverage and something to eat. Hot chocolate and coffee are the beverages of choice at the merienda. The sweet bread options include conchas; a round hamburger-bun-type bread with sweet hard paste on top, there are also bisquetes which are the typical buttermilk biscuits. Making the list are marranitos; a ginger bread in the form of a pig, and also campechanas; these are crunchy layers of baked bread with caramelized sugar on top – they are known to fall apart when you bite into them. Finally we have my grandfather’s favorite; roles de canela; or cinnamon buns. My grandfather is known for keeping fresh bread year-round. At any given day, he has a container full of sweet bread. Most of the time he has merienda by himself but on rare occasions-- when we go visit-- we share a cup of coffee and sweet bread with him.

He was telling me how he spent most of the afternoon on the phone, calling the sweet bread shop to find out when the freshly-baked bread would be coming out. He was getting a busy signal over and over. Then he put the phone down and walked over to the shop. He walked about half-a-mile. When he reached his destination he saw the shop attendant on the phone smiling. My grandfather then asked the attendant why he didn’t pick up the phone; the attendant responded by saying that he was on the phone with his girlfriend. My grandfather said, “But I’m an important customer." To that comment, the attendant replied: “I know, but you can’t give me what my girlfriend gives me.”

Fortunately for the shop attendant the bread had come out.

Jesse Acosta
August 3rd 2008