Aug 25, 2007

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Aug 24, 2007

About Open Book

Welcome to Open Book - a Blog about the written and visual accounts of Jesse Acosta.
My name is Jesse Acosta and I'm an independent music producer, songwriter and amateur blogger.
In The Beginning
This web-site has been through a lot of changes since it first opened back in 2002.  At first, it was used as a website to promote the first band I produced.  Shortly after that I set up my music label's web site to take care of that function.  After that, was closed, then opened, the closed again.  Phew!  Now, I seriously hope to maintain this site open for as long as I can.
Broken English 

Back in 2006, this website--and specially the blog part of it, was the host to my short-lived podcast called Broken English.  Why did I stop producing the podcast?  For different reasons, but the main one: the podcast was about nothing.  I never felt comfortable doing a podcast about nothing, I always thought I could be using the podcast or this site for something with more substance; which I hope to do on this site. After the podcast ran its course, this site was closed. As a special treat, I've posted the seven original episodes on this web site.

Why Open Book?
Recently, I started reading more, writing more, and recording more.  That prompted me to reopen the site.  Basically, this will be a repository for all things about me--sort of like a scrapbook.  I plan to post my songs, writing, thoughts, and anything else I find worthwhile of being on this site.  So I'm like an open book where people can read about me.  

What about Jesse Acosta?

Please be patient.  I'm working on a biography.   

I've set up a chat room within the web site.  I'm working on setting up a schedule where people can join the chat room and chat with me about anything.